Thursday, July 22, 2010

Thursday, July 22, 2010


We’re set to be back on the stage. After the terrible accident in Detroit with the stage and the cancellation of our European tour, we’re putting our karma in the next and last three concerts for the summer. If you are in the UK, come for a musical and visual feast. If not, we’ll be rescheduling the U.S. and European dates in the Fall/Winter.

A.R. Rahman Jai Ho Concert - The Journey Home World Tour

The Los Angeles Times describes the concert as “Combining Bollywood, Broadway and a rock circus, "Jai Ho Concert" is intended as a gateway into the American mainstream. Steeped in spectacle and exerting a high-tech razzle-dazzle mo

re in step with, say, Lady Gaga than a composer dubbed "the Mozart of Madras, Rahman – who was named to Time magazine’s list of the world’s most influential people last year – in his quest to connect with Western audiences like no South Asian pop star before him while still relatively hot off his "Slumdog" success.”

The Promo:

Rahman is collaborating with Music Director John Beasley who has directed tours for Queen Latifah and Steely Dan and was keyboard player for Miles Davis, Chaka Khan, and James Brown’s final concert in LA, to name a few artists. Amy Tinkman, who is known for her shows with Madonna, Britney Spears, Paul McCartney, Michael Jackson, is the Artistic Director.

Tour Schedule – UK

Friday July 23 Birmingham - LG Arena

Saturday July 24 London - O2

Sunday July 25 London – Wembley



From hyper electronic jazz, to Afro-Cuban, to straight ahead with these new Cds that I’m playing on: Simplexity, Days In The Life (Robby Ameen), and Elaine’s Song (Chris Colangelo)


A couple of years ago, when Dave Carpenter was still with us, John von Seggern, Steve Taviglone, Walt Flower, Dave Carpenter, Gary Novak, Judd Miller got together and jammed for a couple of days at Gary Novak’s studio with the intention of creating a completely ‘free’ experience. We did overdubs and the sax, drums, keyboards, and bass were mixed and combined with computer beats and grooves in live session, then later edited and remixed into compositions by John von Seggern, nicknamed John von Badass us.

We called the group Simplexity – a West Coast electronic jazz group and named the album “Extreme Measures”

Check it out at or John von Badass’

Vibration Institute, the home of electronic experimental future music:

Simplexity - Extreme Measures - $5.99 MP3 or $9.99 CD

Steve Tavaglione: tenor and soprano sax, EWI, electronics and effects

John von Seggern: computer beats and loops, electronic textures and effects

Walt Fowler: trumpet and whistling

John Beasley: keyboards

Dave Carpenter: bass

Gary Novak: drums

Judd Miller: additional EVI trumpet and electronics

Robby Ameen - Days in Our Lives

This is new burning creative jazz which has afro-cuban, straight-ahead, and post- modern funk influences played by musicians with a lifetime rapport.

Robby Ameen – Drums, Percussion

John Beasley – Piano, Hammond B3, Fender Rhodes

Lincoln Goines Acoustic and Electric Basses

Wayne Krantz – Guitar (1,2,4,6,8)

Richie Flores – Congas (3,4,5,7,9)

Conrad Herwig - Trombone (2,3,5,7)

Brian Lynch – Trumpet (2,3,5,7)

Review – Jazz Times

Ameen’s originals veer from a pronounced rock/funk edge on electric quartet pieces like the fusiony “Swiftboating” and heavy-metal bashing “Skateboard Intifada” to horn-led tracks with a Latin jazz-soul feel such as “Una Muy Anita,” which resembles a standard on the album, Lee Morgan’s “Ceora.” That and the other jazz standard, Joe Farrell’s “Sound Down,” have the most memorable melodic lines, although Ameen’s pieces make up in atmosphere and action what they lack in tunefulness. “Stagger,” a medium to slow blues, finds Ameen creating distinctive rhythms with bundles rather than sticks or brushes; also on that track, Krantz’s distorted, whammy-bar-inflected phrases contrast the down-home acoustic bass and piano. “Baakline,” the only track with guitar and horns, creates a dense ensemble sound with added organ plus synth strings over a chugging backbeat and horn solos that overlap. The final track is a sizzling duet by Ameen and conguero Flores.

Artist's Website:

Chris Colangelo - Elaine's Song

Musicians: Chris Colangelo (bass), John Beasley (piano), Steve Hass (drums), Bob Sheppard, (tenor sax, tracks 1,3,9, soprano sax track 8)) Benn Clatworthy (tenor sax 2,6, flute track 4) Zane Musa (alto sax track2)

Jazz Review

This young man, Chris Colangelo, has firmly established his position as one of the premier bassists in the jazz milieu. When he solos, it's dexterity plus rhythmic perfection. His sound is big, but sensitivity is inherent in every note.

Somehow I feel that this writer was responsible for penning the sobriquet the "Ubiquitous One" on Colangelo because he is much in demand and appears in all the major jazz clubs. So, the first tune is aptly titled "The Ubiquitous One." Bob Sheppard's solo is a study in ideation and sonority. The bass speaks volumes in understated, but dynamic fashion.

"Like Kenny" opens with the plaintive, but powerful sound of Benn Clattworthy, who then takes the tenor to another level with a solilioquy that has a message that bespeaks of a master player. I have long admired Clatworthy for his ability to swing and his unafraid style. Clatworthy plays whatever he wants to. The transference of ideas from mind to horn is incredible. John Beasley's piano solo is a bop inspired tour de force that adds much to the tune.

In "Gryffindor's Revenge," Colangelo struts and walks his bass like the Nicholas Brother's danced. Beasley has a Powellesque solo that is a thing of beauty. Chris Colangelo is magnificent in his time at bat, the notes flew and the ideas flowed like the Malibu surf.

All of the tunes on this album were composed by Chris Colangelo except tracks seven and eight. This recording demonstrates this bassist's ability to compose, arrange, and then transport it all into orbit in the rarified air where few dare to venture.

Artist's Website:


Duo Concerts with Dwight Tribble at Red Cat and Mimis and BROAD concert with Iranian artist Susaan Deyhem, who blends music from Persian Sufi masters with cutting-edge techno and hip-hop. .

Then the AR RAHMAN U.S. and European concert tour resumes. More details check my website.

A bientot! Until soon…

So, go ahead and listen to NEW music this Summer while having precious moments with your family and friends.

Always glad to hear from you from the road. Back in LA around August 15.

--Beas out of the hive in London and Paris and then checking out in the South of France

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