Thursday, July 26, 2012

Back to my jazz life! Summer Gig Schedul


Starting tonight, I'm back playing jazz, my reality!  It was a lot of fun for 3 months working as MD for Duets (ABC TV) singing competition and backing John Legend Kelly Clarkson Jennifer Nettles and Robin Thicke with my Killa Bee house band (Little John Roberts, Sam Sims, James Harrah, Herman Jackson, Sharlotte Gibson, Jessie Collins, Ashley Rodriguez.  Joining us occassionally were horns and strings: Bob Sheppard, Gina Kronstadt Christine Wu, Dan Fornaio, Willy Moreno, Andy Martin, Francisco Torres, Amy Wickman, Bijon Watson. Hand over heart to all of you, especially Rickey Minor for your guidance and Robert Deaton for your confidence.  If you missed the episodes or don't know who WON, watch  

I released a record with Ndugu Chancler and Darryl Jones.  It's swampy, greasy, and tasty!  See quotes from reviews below.  Ck us out on YouTube and if you like, buy the record b/c it is our blood, sweat and tears project.  Along for the ride were Sy Smith, Gregoire Maret, Bob Sheppard, Francisco Torres, Steve Tavaglione, Dwight Trible, Monet Owns and Leon Mobley.  Steve Kempster, Yasu, and Grant William Nicolas polished it.

Hope to catch you at one of the concerts I'm playing over the next month.  Vinnie Colauita and I are going to make noise with Tal Wilkenfeld while she sings and plays music from her new CD just before I head to London to record at Abbey Road Studio.  Then to Sardinia to get the latin going when I reunite with Horacio, Yosvany, Kip, Richie, Robby, Yunior.  Just before that, 

Have a musical summer!
-beas buzzing in the jazz hive

Summer 2012

Jul 26, Thursday                 8:30pm                          Los Angeles, CA
Frank Fontaine Quartet, featuring
John Beasley (piano), Ric Fierabracci (bass), Raul Pineda (drums)

6725 W. Sunset Blvd., Los Angeles, CA 90028
(323) 466-2210

Aug 03, Friday                     6:30pm-11:30                Los Angeles, CA
Bob Sheppard and the Pat Senatore band, featuring John Beasley
Vibrato Jazz
2930 Beverly Glen Circle, Bel Air, CA 90077
Free – RSVP for dinner

Aug 04, Friday                     8:30pm                          Los Angeles, CA
Dwight Trible - The Music of Oscar Brown Jr.

Oscar Brown Jr, is a celebrated singer, songwriter, playwright, poet, civil rights activist and actor— famous for songs: All Blues, Dat Dere, The Snake and Water Melon Man. Trible and Oscar performed Brother Where Are You together for a documentary and maintained a decades-long friendship. On more than one occasion Oscar would take one of his poems and hand it to Dwight imploring him to "do something with it!" Dwight and company are excited about putting a new twist on these rare gems and invite you to come along on this magical excursion.

70 North Mentor Avenue Pasadena, CA - 626-683-6883 - $20 -$25

Aug 09/11-Thur/Sat             7:30p               San Diego/Los Angeles, CA
Tal Wilkenfeld  feat. Vinnie Colauita and John Beasley playing from Tal’s new CD

Aug 09           Anthology
                        1337 India Street 
San Diego, California 92101
                        619-595-0300 - $10-33 – all ages

Aug 11          
The Roxy Theatre
‪9009 West Sunset Boulevard, West Hollywood, CA
                  (310) 278-9457 - $16 – all ages

Just turned 26, she’s already recorded with Prince and Herbie Hancock and played with Jeff Beck, Sting, Steven Tyler, David Gilmour, Jimmy Page, Buddy Guy, and Macy Gray.
“There are plenty of bassists with staggering technique and chops, but few can make the instrument truly sing, as Wilkenfeld does…”

Aug 26/28                                                                          Sardinia, Italy
Sardinia Jazz Festival
Aug 26
Project: Conjure 33 year old project based around Ishmael Reed’s African-American riot/realist writing
Musicians: Ishmael Reed (voice) David Murray (sax) Yosvany Terry (sax, voice, checkere) Chris Thomas King (voice, guitar) Fernando Saunders (voice, bass) Anthony Cox (bass) Robby Ameen (drums) Horacio El Negro Hernandez (drums) Luisito Quintero (congas) Brandon Ross (guitar, voice) John Beasley (piano) Kip Hanrahan (musical director)

Aug 28
Kip Hanrahan / Beautiful Scars
Musicians: Brandon Ross (voice, guitar Carmen Lundy (voice) Fernando Saunders (bass, voice) John Beasley (piano) Charles Neville (sax) Alfredo Triff (violin) Yosvany Terry (sax, checkere) Richie Flores (congas) Luisito Quintero (congas, timbales) Horacio El Negro Hernandez (drums) Yunior Terry (bass) Robby Ameen (drums) Kip Hanrahan (musical director)

Time: 7:00pm
Venue phone: +39 781 966102

NEW CD: 3 BRAVE SOULS: John Beasley   Darryl Jones   Ndugu Chancler

Three generations of Miles Davis alumni (Ndugu Chancler, Darryl Jones, and John Beasley) join forces to create a rousing brand of progressive jazz-funk inspired by their Louisiana and Chicago roots filled with thick-pocket grooves and stirring vocals.

Early Reviews
“tangy, ass-wiggling funk
a groove so deep you could fall right in
potent pulse
contagious and penetrating grooves
honey dew sounds of southern souL
a fantastic recording that is simply pure funk
sumptuous potion of distinct, powerful and peerless music created by superb trio
a melting pot of jazz-funk, organic grooves, and soulful sounds”


S P R E A D   THE   W O R D!
Facebook: johnbeasleymusicfans Twitter: johnbeasley

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